piątek, 1 lutego 2013

Mortal Torment

01) Sick hello to Mortal Torment! Or should I say 'breeeeeee' ? How are you doing guys?! Is there enough corpses to mutilate in Greece or do you begin to feel deficency because of your practices?
Breeeee on brother! Everything is cool here, lots of bodies lying around around our feet. Most of them are mutilated beyond recognition so I guess you could say we still have what it takes. Next target: those fucked up politicians. Those shit-heads will meet my cleaver soon enough..

02) Before we will move forward straight to music related subjects I want to ask you first few other things. First of all tell me about the origin of the band, the idea of creating this fucking sickness. Tell me also at the time you started in 2005 what were the conditions of the scene in Greece? Who was also in the circle of perversions with brutal stuff like yours?
To be honest, I was not in the band at that time but I was in contact with the guys in a friendly way. Also, let's face it, there's nothing too original about a band called "Mortal Torment". It's plain, simple, death metal. We don't re-invent the wheel, we just like playing music that will make you mosh in your room, puke in your food, pee on your bed. The condition in Greece in terms of music was ok. I'm saying ok because there's a million more stuff now, the scene has raised the bar on so many levels. Bands like Inveracity, Mass Infection, Terrordrome, Slavebreed started  doing quality work much sooner, our respect to those sickos!

03) We can hear about the world crisis everywhere but one of the most drastic things it seems to appear in your country. How is it in reality? Is it really so bad? I mean in Poland we have also fucked up situation with the goverment who is only looking to fulfill its own pockets without even being aware how people struggle to survive each month. But from the other hand there can be always worse and look for example how does average citizen of Russia or countries from South America lives. Plenty of crime rate and poverty... Fucked up don't you think?
Believe me, it's far far worse in reality. To sum it all up: our salaries have been butchered to half or even less(literally) and all the taxes have been doubled. I mean, this is stupid and sick at the same time. I have no idea what exactly these suited fuckers have in mind but it sure as hell isn't working. People starve, people end their own lives and the vast majority is frustrated.
We can't be certain of the future, I know people that quit their bands because they can't even afford to rehearse. Really now, whatever I may say it's one thing to read about all this and another actually living in it. I just hope for the best man...

04) The history of your country is very interesting and the ancient believs with mythology is a pure masterpiece. Tell me, does it affect your everyday life somehow or is more likely that fucking catholic church took over the control of everything?
Actually it's the orthodox church that pulls the strings here....and yeah man, Greece has a ritch history but I'm afraid christianity brainwashed the majority of the people to the point where our mythology is treated like fairytales by most of the greeks. As if some random hippie walking on water isn't enough of a fairytale already..
So no, our every day life is mostly shaped by the "christian morale" in theory but the utterly opposite in action. People are selfish, evil and have a narrow minded perception on things or people that are different than them. Typical human stupidity.

05) Death sentence... brought it back and some fuckers should be executed in public? What is your opinion? How do you think, the society in your country would be against it?
This is a tough one man...scumbags like the politicians that brought us to this crisis, child molesters, and every fuck head that deserves severe punishment could take his/her place at the deathrow. As much as they want to play "good christians", I'm quite sure a good number of people would cherish the idea. Personally, putting aside anger and frustration I don't think the death penalty is a solution. Life sentence can work just fine.

06) Ok, lets talk about the lyrics of 'Resuscitation'. Plenty of perversions, gore stuff, torture... Of course these are only lyrics unless you feel excitement watching people being tortured or imagining that you do it? How fucking sick are you? Haha
Ha ha! Oh man, that's just a lyrical description of mindless graphic violence. Nothing more really, those lyrics are made to make people laugh, make'em sick at times(hell yeah!) and help maintain the concept Cannibal Corpse and the likes of them built many years ago. I still enjoy writing such stuff, I'm a big fan of horror/survival/b-movies so I get influenced by that shit I watch all the time.
I don't feel like killing anyone to be honest. My idea of a punishment will include complete isolation and a shitload of vermin for food ha ha! 

07) Can we combine that sick shit with porn themes? What is the outcome, haha?
Porn grind! Not a fun of the genre but still I'm impressed by the way these guys use their imagination to combine poo with vaginas for example. Creative, the least to say he he! I once that video "one guy-one jar"....nevermind, on to the next question..

08) Ok, flow with your fantasy and tell me which of the pornstars would you like to torture and why?
Ha! I would never torture a porn star! Those girls are a blessing, I don't think I could ever submit one of them to a beating. On the other hand, if I was to "torture" one(yes, brackets change the deal) I'd chose Alexis Texas, Gianna Michaels, Shyla Stylez, Khristina Rose....shit there so many of them!

09) Recentlly I watched with my son some cartoons of Tom & Jerry and I came up with an idea. The person who invented it was a sick sadist, don't you think? It is fucking sick shit but only shown in funny way... Just add some wounds, blood and flying guts to each scene and you will know what I mean haha.
Oh man, I totally agree with you! Most of the cartoons we grew up with are brutal as fuck come to think of it. Bring Coyote in mind, he just kept falling off that ledge over and over again and that fucking bird never got back what it deserved. All those cartoons taught us that you can get axed, bombed, beaten with a bat, get smashed by a giant rock and still survive ha ha! Larger than life I tell you! Of course, the japanese had different opinions about the art of cartoons. I got to know that part of art at a young age..

10) Oh shit! Maybe we can mix that cartoon with gore and porn?! Haha I think because of me you have now lyrical concepts for at least couple of albums. You own me a beer!
Beer is all yours man! On the house. If I merely describe(with a twist of course) the events of a whole season of Warner Bross' Bugs Bunny I'll cover the 2-3 next albums for MT! That's it, you're in the band!

11) 'Resuscitation' was released as a co-operation between Sevared Records from USA and Russian Coyote Records. I think it did help with the distribution worldwide? Are you satisfied with the work of both labels so far?
Yeah, the truth is that the distribution went aweseme. As far as we know the album can be found in all Europe, the US even in Japan has some pieces. We're very satisfied with the work to be honest. These labels have granted a name for themselves in the brutal death metal scene and not for doing nothing. These guys are firstly fans of extreme music and secondly "business" men. Also, I came to know lots of cool bands I was completely unaware of before I got in touch with Sevared Records or Coyote. Cool shit!

12) Also there is videoclip to one of the songs from the album. Tell we whos idea was it to do it? Happy with the brutal outcome? How did you feel being in from of cameras?
The whole theme/concept was my idea. I once went to a friend's house and saw his father's basement...that was it. I wanted to make a video over there. Not too original, we just wanted to do a b-horror/teen horror style gory "film" that had a funny ending. We love the result, our friend, Dominique made sure the video was just as we planned and we are grateful for it! Trivia: the meat parts are real meat taken from a butcher shop! We had lots of fun doing it and we'll be doing a second clip in 2013 so keep an eye open people!

13) Death Metal presented on your debut album is brutal but yet lots of melodic parts with Slam breakdowns. How do you think are the limits in this genre to be still Death Metal? Which way we can expect Mortal Torment will progress within next recordings?
Aaaahh that's an interesting question! Yes, you can find guitar melodies in our debut. You'll also find melodies in the 2 new songs we recorded for an upcoming split release. When I say melodies think of Immolation, Bloodbath and that kind of stuff. Here's where I say BUT: the newer songs will be brutal, straight forward with groovier parts DEATH metal. We have one new song and are working on even newer stuff but the new direction will be an "in your face" approach.
So, those melodies will be kept aside for a bit to make room for more sick shit. All in all, we'll maintain our character, you know you'll be able to remember some riffs after the album is over. Though we love bands that play in a more chaotic way we want to make memorable music at the end of the day.

14) Before the album you had on your account one demo and a split release. Tell me about them both and also if possible few words about the other bands that were present on 'Slamseason Split 3'.
I was not in Mortal Torment back then but I know there isn't much to tell about those releases. By that, I mean they are exactly the same songs, what you'll hear in the split is the 3 songs of the demo. The bands in the split did quite a memorable work, covering different styles and keeping it sick at the same time! Horns up dudes!

15) I must say that your vocals are so charismatic, it is hard to say if even anyone do growl like you. This is something between growl and pig squeels but the words are so selective! Also he operates in few scales which helps to avoid boredom, fucking nice effect!
Come on man! Nothing charismatic about it! I just try to make some disgusting sounds, that is all. No more, no less. I try to keep it interesting by all means, don't like it when I hear vocalists using the same patterns all the time. Bree is a magic word for me ha ha! But vocalists like George from Inveracity, Aris from Vermingod, Jonathan(former Pathology) and Jeremiah Blue Jensen from Guttural Secrete are the dudes I admire it the genre.

16) How do you work on new tracks? Any scheme or just good porn and the track is ready? Haha
Our guitarists bring their ideas when we rehearse, we work on them collectively till we reach the desired outcome. All ideas are welcome usually, nothing too original there too ha ha! We started working at home recently, you know riff by riff building up new stuff. Porn is essential, we jizz when a good song is complete and we celebrate by renting the appropriate material. At the end of the process we fill a cup with cum and share the pain ha ha!

17) Now please flood me with the names of great bands from your country or if you know any new beginers from any place just hit us with it. The more the better!
Ok, here goes(and I promise you, you will be impressed!):
Terrordrome, Necrorgasm, Carnal Redemption, Karma Violens, Tardive Dyskinesia, Murder Made God, Erectus, Inveracity, Vulnus, Dead Congregation, Abyssus, Abnormal Inhumane, Resurgency, Necrovorous, Vermingod, Sickening Horror, Mass Infection, Bloody Donation, Create Rapid Massacre, Obsecration, Nocturnal Vomit, Genna Apo Kolo, Mallediction, Incineration, Decomposed Existence, Crucifiction, AlterSelf, Bio-Cancer, Exarsis, Goateatgod, Procreate, Ravencult, the list could go no forever, I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot of good bands!

18) Tell me what you think about the albums below, now you are the reviewer:
- Dismember 'Like An Ever Flowing Stream'
Classic stuff, music to headbang to and have lots of beers!
- Pyaemia 'Cerebral Cereal'
I LOVE this album man, too band they split up back then. Awesome act!
- Bolt Thrower 'Warmaster'
Another classic, Early Bolt Thrower is quality material, heavy and raw.
- Mayhem 'Deathcrush' EP
Not a fan of Mayhem I'm afraid, I respect their work though.
- Deeds Of Flesh 'Trading Pieces'
I'm a fan of Deed's work, l love Reduced To Ashes, I understand Trading Pieces is a classic for most BDM fans.
- Destruction 'Infernal Overkill'
Circle-pit tunes for people with an appetite for violent dancing, cool!
- Paradise Lost 'Icon'
I love this album, I was fresh into metal when it came out so it has a special part in my heart.
- Disgorge 'Chronic Corpora Infest'
Aaaaah I'm more into Disgorge(US), can't say much about these guys I'm afraid!
- Haemorrhage 'Emetic Cult'
I saw these sickos live some years ago at Hellfest, tremendous live band! Love their pathological style!
- Krabathor 'Lies'
Underrated band, not sure about their "true" value though, I haven't listened to their work that much.
- Thou Art Lord 'Eosforos'
I'm gonna let you down here too ha ha! I'm not into the greek metal scene, no opinion to lay down here either!

19) How often do you play live gigs? Do you enjoy them? Isn't it the truth that metal music should be played live? Do you attend on live gigs by yourself? Is it better to be on huge festival or in local gig?
The best part in being in a band is playing live. Nothing compares to that feeling man. Rocking the hell out of my bones is the best way to end a day. We play quite often I must say for a band of our velocity( a tiny one that is..). I wish we could do more gigs, especially abroad but the "money" factor is keeping us back. And yes, metal music is all about that interaction on a metal show. The energy, the passion, fuck it's the meaning of life!
I attend many shows to be honest, local bands, foreign I'm an open minded listener so if my pockets can handle it I'll be there. I prefere small shows but festivals are cool too. It depends on what kind of music I'll be there to listen to. 

20) Future plans?
Hopefully more gigs, we'll be doing a show in Sweden next October and we're discussing some more shows abroad but it's still too early. Other than that we've got lots of shows here, in Greece so we'll keep ourselves busy as fuck. We're also writing new songs so we're full!

21) This is it. Cheers for your time and let the brutal shit flow! All the best with Mortal Torment!
Thanx a million for the interview and the interest in Mortal Torment my friend. I really hope we'll share a beer or ten soon enough. Keep it sick over there and keep in touch by all means! Eat MEAT, fuck like a beast!

interview by Waldemar January 2013