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Hail Brazilian Death Metal maniacs! First of all I want to say a huge thank you for accepting the chance to be interviewed here. How are things in Coldblood at the moment? How did you find the reactions for the EP you have just finished ‘The Other Gods’?
MKult – Hails!! We thank you for the opportunity. Well, right now we are in the studio recording our next album which will be called "Chronology Of Satanic Events" and we're focused on that right now. Regarding the Ep "The Other Gods" (Jan/2012) have received good reviews from both the public and by the press and we realize that with this Ep more call people's attention regarding expectations for the new album all eager for the material and this is very good

Coldblood has started in 1992 through these 20 years you have just one full lenght album called ‘Under the Blade I Die’. I know that many bands histories are wicked and there always will be problems but you had split up in the middle of the existence of Coldblood. How does this fact reflect to the nowadays band’s condition?
MKult - Today we have a more committed to training band and the profession. We had great training in the past but nothing compare to what we have today. Those who are not longer with us today is because they had other priorities and did not adapt to the pace of our work is pretty intense.

Until the year 2007 when your debut album was released you had three demos. Can you tell us few words about the music that was on these records? As much I know you did use few of the previous songs and records them again for the debut stuff. 
MKult - With the first demo-tape “Terror Stench” of 1992 we practiced Brutal Death Metal Doom under the influence of bands like Bolt Thrower, Paradise Lost, Black Sabbath, Death, Massacre among others. In the second demo-cd “... And It Comes Th Winter " (2000) the band was going through a more technical and melodic Doom part had been left out. At the third demo-cd " Reicarnating The New Black God "(2005) returned with sound more brutal and technical and so we followed until the present day. Yeah, 4 songs from our third demo were re-recorded our debut album "Under The Blade I Die" 2007

Mostly your lyrics are about hate towards blind human race following the rules of christianity which you obviously do mock and also some references to Satanism. Can you tell me what in your personal attitiude does Satanism mean? What is it? Also why do your see the subject of anti-christianity still alive and well to use? And to be clear, I hate these bastards too haha.
D.Arawnn - Satanism is fully connected to a particular conduct, directed study and practical Gnostic. In the state that we are anti-natural, the combination of these topics led by Satan is the only way to walk in  this empty illusions in which we live. Satanism should be consistent in life to be a real connection with Lucifer and his misanthropic relief that we want to achieve in death totally.Christians sucks.

I spoke in my history of interviews with other bands from Brazil but I just like to ask this question as I think it is a little bit exotic for us in Poland. How does your everyday life in Brazil looks like? 
MKult - My daily life is taking care of business the banda, studying drums and some days I leave home for work, has been well in recent years. On weekends I go out with my wife and we enjoy cultural programs in our city .... go to the movies, concerts ... basically it.

What about the politics and economical problems? Is your goverment well judging how to use your country resources or is it like in every place on earth? They first feed themselves, stealing without thinking about others.
MKult - In your question you have to answer hahahaha “They first feed themselves, stealing without thinking about others”…. It seems that good people are dying in the world and each ciuuda of yourself without thinking about others and it exists in politics, within a family, a great company .... This is the world today

Before we spoke about your country and life there, I want to go back to your lyrical themes. Apart from hate and disgust to this catholic cattle what inspires you mostly when you create music and words for it? Also in everyday life
D.Arawnn - Much of songs I consider as malignant manifestations, because i'm studying esotericism all the time and this is my everyday . So I can say that everything has been done in a natural way, there is nothing calculated. Sure we employ our techniques as musicians and we working detail by detail always.

Maybe it will sound childish but forgive mine lack of knowledge, who is Khali from the track ‘Khali brings Death’?
MKult -  Khali It is one of the deities most "respected" of Hinduism. The tradition includes animal sacrifices and old human However, it is a true representation of nature and is also considered by many people the essence of what is reality and be the source of existence. Goddess of death and sexuality, Kali - whose name in Sanskrit means "black" -

As much the scene in Brazil is still unknown, we know only about the biggest bads from out there and not only while we speak about Death Metal. There are thousands of undiscovered bands yet hidden deep in the mists of the Underground so please let us hear as much of it as you can recommand us from the rotten soil of Brazil.
MKult - The Brazilian scene is very well, here there are excellent bands and every year dozens of American and European bands land in our country for at least 5 presentations. We still have much to go on but we are professional aspects "Scene" active. Here in Rio de Janeiro for example you have a lot of quality banda, as Mysteriis, Prophecy, Farscape, Grave Desecrator, Unearthly, Apocaliptic Raids, Castifas, Syren, Inquisition, Confronto, Lacerated And Carbonized….. and still have excellent banda other cities, such as: 

I thought that your vision of Death Metal will be close to what we are used when we hear names as Rebaelliun, Krisiun, Abhorrence or Nephasth then I must say that it is so great to hear a little bit different approach to the tracks you created. I think the main difference can be heard that you are not using mostly blasts but these are just the part of all the structures. 
MKult - Yes, this is the sound of Coldblood. We are a band from the early 90s, there are our roots and will remain so. As far as possible we add something current in our songs, but we are always with our feet on the Old School Death Metal

Also the riffs are more melodic is the whole outcome but it doesn’t mean that the guitar parts are less agggressive. The music is not pounding all the time and you do also let it flow with nice solo guitars. I think Coldblood takes more from the roots of classical Death Metal bands then previous mentioned above. What is your opinion? Do you think it should be this way?
MKult - We are old school and keep us faithful to it until the end. We are not a follower of trends band or any kind of formula for success .... of course we are open to new possibiliades but if one day conquer the world is the sound we make in those 20 years of existence.

In 2010 you did release a split with Black Metal horde Luvart under the Hammer of Damnation label which is mostly known worldwide from their BM releases. Whos idea was it to do such record? Are you satisfied with the final result of it? Tell me what kind of music does Luvart play (we know only Black Metal but certainly you can describe it well) and how does your part of the split sound like?
MKult   - The Luvart is a great horde of our country and when I knew we would have a split-cd with them I found very cool. After this release do not know if they released anything else, but I wish all luck in the world for them, They perform a back Metal primitive and dragged .... fucking band!!

What is your opinion about Black Metal in general? I am not asking about the history of it or how it became unfortunatelly so ‘popular’ but as a genre and all the aspects that it carries. 
MKult -  The Black Metal Black Metal has been with Venom, Darkthrone, Sarcofago, Vulcano, Mayhem (old)..... today is all very modern and glossy and this ended the real escencia style. But always save those who swim against market trends, bands like: Darkened Noctun Slaughtercult, Watain, Darkaro, Burzum are special.

In the year 2012 you pointed out your existence with EP release ‘The Other Gods’ which contains 5 new songs plus some bonuses like all the demo materials. It is more then one hour feast of pure Death Metal, which is hm... kind of longish for EP haha. Ok, tell me about the new tracks and the reason you did include your old stuf on it. 
MKult - We released the EP in January 2012 to celebrate 20 years of the band and that somehow was being definitive return to the scene. We recorded 4 new songs and added a video live in the city of Chiclayo / Peru in 2010 during a South American tour to publicize the debut album "Under The Blade I Die." So would have five new songs, as the music video was also unprecedented. Our record was asked to add the first 3 demos and find great idea. So we have a Ep 5 new songs and the first 3 demos as bonus track. This release came in good time and had a very positive response on the part of fans and press.

Tell me how do you intend to promote your new material and when can we expect second full lenght album?
MKult - Right now we are producing noso new album "Chronology Of Events Satanic" that is scheduled for release in April / Mayo this year. In Brazil it will be launched through a partnership between the seals Distro Rock Rec and Attitude Headbanger's House and the United States by Metallic Media Rec First we want to promote the ALM by Brazil, we have a tour forwarded to the northeast of the country with 15 dates Salvador ..., Refice, Fortaleza, Belem, Maceio, Sergipe, Christmas, Maranhão, Bethlehem among other cities. We have been talking with some labels in Europe for a possible release on Vinyl. We are working to 1000 per hour toward a wall.

Do you think there is a slight possibility that one day christianity will be washed off from the surface of earth? Or is more likely just a fantasy for us?
D.Arawnn – I do not think so. But maybe the people begin to see the demiurge's crimes and crimes in your name. I believe these are the minority. And honestly my intention is not to alert anyone about it. We exalt the metaphysical evil and we accept delve deeper into the abyss where the true light shines incessantly.

Tell me how often do you play live in your country or the countries near by? Is it hard to organise a tour there without facing any problems like being accused of offening religious views or shit like that? Do you go to see other bands live or you prefer just to be on the stage with Coldblood?
MKult - Since 1992 we have played in Brazil and neighboring countries without any problem. Once we had to stop a show half way on Lima was in Peru, but because I had a lot of people and when we play together all those people with the structure of the site began to tremble and then asked us to stop the show for safety reasons, but nothing more. I own an agency called South American Tours Metalkult Booking Agency and am always traveling throughout Latin America and never had problems. Where can I go to shows, but I was already more vesez in the past, today I dedicate more Coldblood activities and other projects I have.

Future plans?
MKult - We are close to launching our new album and we have a tour in Brazil scheduled for July with 25 dates, maybe we have the second part of the tour passing through neighboring countries such as Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Chile. After that we should go into the studio again to compose music in 2014 and certemente will be time to enter Europe. As said earlier, we have a very intense rhythm of work and I hope to continue like this for another 20 years

The last fucking blasphemy is yours! Offend everything and spit on the cross. Thank you for your time!
MKult - We appreciate the opportunity, it was a pleasure doing this interview and await the Coldblood in Europe. Whorship Satan!!

Interview by Waldemar December 2012