środa, 5 października 2011


01) Hi Mario. How is Vulvectomy going? What are you now focusing at?
Everything fine here thanks a lot, I’m very busy with new Vulvectomy stuff and song-writing of all my other bands haha

02) Let us stop for a while to explain what ‘vulvectomy’ as medical term means. Can you explain? And why the hell such a cruel name? Without those you know that females will be useless, hahaha.
“Vulvectomy  refers to a gynecological procedure in which the vulva is partly or completely removed.” This is the medical term means. About our use we are brutal band so we need a brutal name as all the brutal bands haha. But this name is from Diego (singer) mind!

03) And by the way I aren’t that some sort of maniac who is preforming this surgeries down in the basement of your home? Or maybe you do it with the rest of the band guys on your reh room? Haha
Absolutely not! We are normal guys who work and study haha we like to be explicit only with our music!

04) Sick stuff to be honest... girls without vulvas, so only anus left lol. Ok, time for another confession: porn or horror and why?
Both of course! We are brutal gore band so we need of them to take inspiration for our musick!

05) Recently I heard an opinion that Slam Brutal Death is the genre of music for people who are not really bright in their heads and just need a simple slow beat, same as in techno or other shit stuff. Your opinion?
Slam is a simple genre , not technics used for the songs but there is slam and slam. I mean there are a lot of bands who play ONLY slams in their songs without time changing etc. we started with a simple album “Putrescent Clitorarl Fermentation” is a very simple album but I think we are grown during these years and we want to make for our next songs more brutal influences of course with slam parts!

06) Well you know the arrangments for the people who are not into that music may seem to be so simple so I guess that’s the main point. For me the is the main gold power in simplicity and of course it is very hard to stay interesting for half an hour of this sick brutal shit. Your opinion?
Writing music for people who not makes this can be easy but is not so. Is a very hard process of practice and practice, write and delete parts. I try to do always the better for my songs but first of all the songs have to te liked by me. When I feel a right sense for me it means who the song is ready.

07) Vulvectomy also uses the drum machine. Why? Aren’t there enough talented drumers?
We decided to use a drum machine first of all because we live in different cities in Italy (me in Rome and other 2 guys in Bari) and then because people here are are not so professional as we search and we don’t want to be stopped by them!

08) Somehow your second album seems to attract less people judging from the reviews in magazines and what we can find around in network. I must say it the matter of taste but I do prefer the second album. Is more meaty, more sick and this incredible aura of ‘fucking mutilated or dead sluts’ is more visible for me. I know that it is hard for you to judge the albums as you did create them but what do you think may be the reason for that?
Maybe because the first album is “original”. I mean in 2007 when it was released, not so much bands played slam on that way, with drum machine and so obsessive and claustrophobic. Second album was simply better arranged with brutal parts, not only slam parts.

09) If you can compare both labels you did co-operate with which one did better work for you? Amputated Vein or Savered Records? 
Both labels are fucking great! Two of the best in underground world!

10) And why did you quit Amputated Vein after the “Putrescent Clitorial Fermentation” (love the title hehe)? 

Because after the release of the first album Sevared Records send us a better contract, more merch and promotion, but you know, in USA this genre is what people search so the labels want to make it all in better way. 

11) As I can see you play a lot of live shows, some underground fests and stuff. Tell me what can we expect when Vulvectomy is on stage? 
We played a lot of fest in USA and Europe and everytime is amazing for us seeing people have fun, make a moshpit with our songs!!! We try to make our show in our best way of course with professionalism and a little sense of humor.

12) What are your requirements if someone would like to book Vulvectomy for example in Poland? 
We usually ask the payment of our flights tickets just to cover the expense. We aren’t rockstar we ask only what is right!

13) Btw. are you familiar with polish scene? 
In Poland there are a lot of BIG bands as Vader, Behemoth, Dies Irae, Decapitated etc.. is impossible to not knows the scene from there!
14) “Post-Abortion Slut Fuck” is a perfect mixture of guttural vocals, slam paces mixed with some brutal riffage and all is about to blow our minds out in the best tradition of sexual horrors. How serious is all the image of Vulvectomy? 
Since our beginning we choose to make all on serious way with music, artowork and our band presence. For us is very important to be professional in everything.

15) Where did you find the photo for your demo ‘Syphilic Dismembered Slut’? Must say it is a killer shit man! 
Surfing on the web years ago before the born of Vulvectomy ahaha.. I have my PC full of brutal images!!

16) So far three of your realeses has got brutal covers and offending lyrics for some who doesn’t has a distance to it. Have you faced any censorship anywhere or problems? Or maybe funny stories? 
We had “problems” of censorship only during a show in USA where they asked to cover with a label the most brutal and sexual explicit parts of our cover.. but was ok! 

17) Future plans will be... 
Now we are working at 3rd album!! Will be more brutal slam than last two.. production and recording will be great as the arrangments. If you search on youtube you can find some previews of the upcoming release!!

18) Thank you for your time bro. Keep it sick and slam the sluts hard haha. Cheers.
Thank to you for the opportunity to be reviewed!! Stay fucking sick!
interview by Waldemar 09/2011