niedziela, 23 października 2011


01) Hello, how are the things in Dementor? Any forthcoming gigs or tours to promote the last album?
We´ve already played some gigs to promote our last album in Slovakia and Czech republic. We´ll see how the things goes with gigs somewhere in the Europe, cause there it goes worse. People are just fed up with music  so it is questionable whether it´s worth it. We rather  focus on the east countries where is still a huge interest, people just enjoying the concerts a lot. We´ll see what the future brings, hopefully  this situation will change and we´ll  head  to  the west.

02) Dementor is around the underground for a while, more then 20 year hehe. Its weird that in the current line up there is no-one that was with the Dementor from the begining. Haven’t you thought back then to change the name? Was the guys from original line-up ok that you will continue under the name of Dementor?
You´re right, Dementor has been running since 1988.  The band has had many members in those 23 years, founding members are not there any more.  I´m in Dementor more than 11 years, so it is longer  time than any of previous members with whom I kept in touch. We´re friends and  I  would say they are happy  that  the band continues even without them. I think than anyone of the original members didn´t expect  that  the band will continue so man y years. I have no  clue  why we should change our band name, cause we still play  the blasphemy death metal and the line of our band is still kept. If  I start to play some fucking pop or  hip-hop I will change it, but now there is no reason.

03) Since the begining Dementor was standing strongly the ground claiming anti-christian ideas, spitting out the blasphemies that were laughing loud out the holy values. What is so motivating in the matter of that religion to be all the time denied, neglected and treated without any respect (obvious hehe) – just want to know your opinion as they vary sometimes.
Why do we have to respect something we don´t agree with? Just  take a look into the past what religion has caused, so many bad things and it still continues. We never respected that, there´s no reason to change our mind not even in the future. I really don´t feel like  listening the preaching priests, who are raping the young boys... or watching at the Pope  lives in puncture and abundance behing the Vatican walls and there´s so many people starving  around the world... When someone  wants to go to church upraise their hands, there´s not on our business but anyone can´t expect that from us...

04) Don’t you think that if not christianity 75% or more Death and Black Metal bands will have no reason to exist and mock it out?
I think there is still enough things we don´t agree with, which we could try to solve and  which bother us... so  we  would  sing  for example about  the destroying our world by people  instead of religion theme, you can always find something  you disagree with... Fortunately  the religion exists, so we sing about it.

05) What was the reason of you changing the style from lets say more traditional Death Metal to Brutal Death Metal? Did it come out from you in natural way or you felt just to change somt things around?
It came quite naturally.  We never do anything  by force, it has to go spontaneously and then it´s ok. You know, you  see it like the transition from death metal to brutal death metal but from my point of view  it´s more a progress of our band like progress in making music. Everyone improves and developes and this is also reflected in his work.

06) The begining was more mechanical and rhythmical arrangements while nowadays you focus on both heaviness and technical skills which defines your Brutal style. Also there are solo guitars which today are not too often used by bands from your genre. So suming it all up tell me which element you see in your song structures the most important one whitout which Dementor simply wouldn’t be Dementor.
Obviously there are our texts on the first place and without that it just won´t be us. Generally it captures the nature of our approach  to  faith and religion. The second thing is our aggressivenes and speed,  I think Dementor is also known by that.  Basically we always try to have some structure of music, not to have just  riffs  stacked  into an audio track.  I´m the old school and  even when I was  a  small boy I used to listen a series of the guitar solos. We  also  try to put it into  our  music, cause I assume  the solo somehow goes  together  with  it.

07) Last album was released by small MetalGate label and simply tell me why? Band and the name Dementor plus reputation of solid Death Metal through years and noone else was interested with it?
To be honest  with  you, we didn´t try to find anyone else. As you mentioned  Metalgate maybe isn´t a big company, but they gave us the great conditions, which can not afford whoever.  They work as a great machine with no defects  and  they  fulfill everything as we agreed on without any delay. During the time  that I´m on the music scence, I´ve learned  that  it  isn´t important  whether  it is big or small company, but how  is the attitude to the  work.  I think  the Metalgate really do for us more than any big company,  so there is no reason to be dissatisfied or to change anything.  I know many bands  who were under  the big companies and they fell  into the oblivion because  they didn´t push them further. They  just  cared about the big bands,  from which they profit.

08) Btw. are you obsessed with angels with big tits or what? Haha Last three covers have such images.
Of course, we love women and  the big  tits J, don´t you  like that?

09) Ok, you got me here hehe. If ever you are going back to the oryginal first recording of Dementor what do you think of it? I know that it wasn’t any of you involved in it but from this point of view you can easily check the progress the band did.
We take the first recordings really lightly, it was just the beginning  of our music  career, but at that time it was certainly great. Every band wants to improve, to bring always something new  along the way and tries  to maintain its shape. This is exactly what we do, we play and develop. When you  listen each of our album you can see the movement forward  while everyone is a little different but in fact is´s still a Dementor.

10) I saw one review of the previous album entitled ‘Brutal, but quickly forgotten’. Do you think that really the album ‘Faithless’ is missing something?
Maybe it´s different than  previous albums, but I don´t think it would be something missing. It´s just someone´s opinion and I accept that.  People don´t  have the  same tastes,  everyone  likes something different and that´s why is so many music styles in the world. There is certainly plenty people for whom is the album Faithless unforgettable, that´s  just  the  matter of the opinion and taste.

11) What kind of differences you see between the past albums and ‘Damned’?
The main difference is that we tried to put there  a  few melodic  lines. We wanted to try something new and we were especially curious about the  reactions of  our  fans. While recording  we invited a few guests who surely enrich the album Damned.  Martin Androvič from the band  Brainscan helped us with classical singing in song Isolated, Seven deadly sins and Blind faith. Of course, the main structure of Dementor  was preserved, it is fast  aggressive and brutal death metal enriched by melodic elements. Depends on people how  they  will  react on  this album.

12) I do not know a lot from Death Metal scene in Slovakia apart from names like Perversity, Goreopsy, Foeticide, Typhoid, Surgical Dissection, Contempt or Eternal Bleeding... Any other names to recommend? It doesen’t have to be only Death Metal hehe.
I think you know many Slovak bands.  I would definitely recommend you the band Depresy,  who  is  already  a  few years on the music scene, known not only in Slovakia but  also outside our borders. Then  it is also  the band Pathology Stench or Killchain. If  you prefer the commercial  crap  I can  recommend  you Desmod or Gladiator. The second band used to play the descent trash death metal and their music  videos  were broadcast on MTV. Currently  they play melodic rock for  the girls. If you like rap or hip-hop you  have to listen to Kontrafakt or Rytmus.

13) Well, I think I'll just stick to underground metal hehe. Tell now the info for live gig organisators, what are your demands?
I don´t think we have  any special demands.  Everyone who  would  be interested in inviting us to the concert let us know  at our email or

14) That should be all. Cheers for your time and let the blood of christian pigs soak the ground!
Thx for the interview. I hope you´ll enjoy our new album. See you somewhere at he gig...

interview by Waldemar 10/2011