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01) Hello Mario, so I guess Vulvectomy wasn't just enough and you started another sick band called Coprophiliac. Tell me what was the purpose of creating it?
- Hello bro, the project COPROPHILIAC started such a game, with David, with the purpose to play something extreme and brutal, with a mix of goregrind and brutal death metal, our first inspiration are the mighty Retch, Sickfuck, Torsofuck, Clean Flesh

02) Ok before we will proceed to music I must ask you about how much for fuck sake are you obssessed with porn movies haha? There are many intros on the album and the song titles speak for themselves. Oh course the songs do touch the mostly fucked up subjects of porn stuff but still... you have to get this unique knowledge from somewhere haha.
- Ahah yes Coprophiliac concept is just this, sexual perversion, no morals and no lyrics, with the aim to provocate the listener, creating a sense of disgust and uncomfortable state of mind.

03) 'Menstrual Muck Pancake' or 'Ball-Gag Punishment'? Come on! hahaha Are these what you practice from time to time?
- We have also something like Lesbian Coprophagy, Smothered With Vaginal Cum, Cunt Facial Vomitous, who know hahaha

04) Is the story to use use the drum machine in Coprophiliac similar to the reason in Vulvectomy?
- More or less, at the end Vulvectomy's drumming is more "traditional" for sound and patterns, in COPROPHILIAC we want to bring drums sound in something absolute inhuman, with the fakest sound is possible to reach. In very simple words we amplify the absence of a drummer, and we don't want to mask it, because it's part of our style, it's our trademark.

05) Ok, lets move to the music on 'Whining Bitch Treatment'. Three songs were released before on your only demo from 2009 'Lesbian Coprophagy' while the rest is kind of a new stuff, isn't it? How long took you to complete the whole music the album and how does the song writting process lokks like when we speak about Coprophiliac?
- Yes at the end we spent a couple of years to write our debut WHINING BITCH TREATMENT, generally I program the drums patterns and then we began creating bass and guitar riffs the final part is the vocals arrangiaments, that we cure a lot, we have a big variety of different growls, screams, inhales, so is a little bit hard to mix them well.

06) How often do you have time to do rehs?
- It depends if we have planned shows, or if we are writing new stuff (as now) generally once at week but it depends as said before.

07) Sevared Records who signed you is saying that the Brutality you play is recommanded for fans of Torsofuck or Sikfuk which for me is a huge mistake. I do not hear any pure GoreGrind, mostly the Brutal Death Metal mixed with Grind but this is a difference. Don't you think that such comparison may put manics in a dead point with thought 'what the fuck?'
- Surely they are influences, but during this time in my opinion we have maturated a personal sound we are not interested to copy other stuff, for sure is difficult to be original, but we try the best. I think that the only way to get an opinion is listening to our shit.

08) Of course there are some Slam parts, not a lot but still there are. All in all to point out the difference is, I think, that Coprophiliac does represent more Brutal Technical stuff then Vulvectomy. Would you agree? What are your favs or even inspirations in this genre?
- Yes Vulvectomy slam parts are totally different from Coprophiliac ones, because of sound, drums, and execution.

09) The structures of the songs seem to be advanced on technical level, sometimes even messed up hehe, which I think can be only a reason to be proud of. You are delivering quality sickness to the maniacs and that all what is important. The story of Coprophiliac just started so tell me where do you see the line of being satisfied with the work you did? Can we expect at least 10 sick albums?
- I hope to record not 10 but 100 sick albums ahahah. We are very happy and satisfied about our work and people response, we thanks all our crazy fans for their preciuos support.

10) Even you are kind of fresh face on the scene you played live in few places. What were the biggest events and greatest memories for you so far?
Playing with some bands is more easy to play a lot of shows, but if I have to say something in particular I can say Obscene Extreme, Neurotic Deathfest and Las Vegas Deathfest.

11) Let me ask you about the life standards in Italy and political situation in your country. Is really so fucked up with all these sensations with the main heads from goverment, connections with mafia and shit like this. Is it something you can feel in everyday life or is just a background of what is really happening there?
- Italy has problems like every other country, but we are here to speak about extreme music, right?

12) As much I do see it your country is kind of better in propaganda to close eyes or wash brains for what is really happening by such colourful and sexy tv programs you' ve got. In here, in Poland it is crap and they are not even trying to attract people with anything else - scandal after scandal, only promisses and fucked up catholic shit around. At least Italy is better organised in strategy in fooling people hehe.
- It happens everywhere i think, we should extirpate those plagues but it's not easy.

13) I think when we spoke a little bit about Vulvectomy some time ago I forgot to ask you about the growing in number quality brutal & sick bands from your country. So now please let me see at least a hunderd names so I can dig up some fresh and putrefied meat hehe.
- We have here in Italy a lot of incredible bands for all the genres, about grind we have Ultimo Mondo Cannibale, Ape Unit, Zeit Geist, Murdes Callings, Funeral Rape, for brutal and death Hideous Divinity, Antropofagus, Vomit the Soul (rip), Hour of Penance, Natrium, Hatred, Blasphemer, Putridity, Septycal Gorge, just to say few names.

14) Future plans? When can we expect new stuff of yours and what it will be?
- At the moment we are writing new stuff, for the second album, we expect and hope to play everywhere to reach even more brutalheads with our music.

15) Cheers for this small chat Mario! Good luck with your shit smeared band! Keep it fucking sick!
- Thank you very much for the support and for this interview, and keep doing well your work. Wish you all the best. For all the supporters follow us on our webpages:, and check our merchstore
interview by Waldemar  July/2012