niedziela, 10 kwietnia 2011

Gore Sanctum

01) Hi Stu, how are the things? Keepin' the shit sick to maximum?
Yo Waldemar, alls good bro been keepin shit gutter as fuck mate (the way it has to be). writing tracks, practicing and playing some gigs with my other band Engorgement, holdin down a job andddd... o yea, drinking!

02) First wanted to ask you about the label Fall of Eden Records. Who is behind it? Where can we get the releases of it? Before it was also a small label and to be honest if not the ebay I will not have your first record.
Yea mate Fall of Eden Records is a Scottish label created by Dave McColl (he's a real cool guy). the label got put on hold for a bit as Dave has a lot on his plate at the moment but it will be running again in the near future. im pretty sure it expanded to having Fall of Eden (America) aswell. the first cd is available from quite a few labels including Severed Records, Going Postal Records, Deathmutt Records and some more. gotta love the sick labels.

03) Why have you decided to create this sick shit by your own? 
to be honest wiv you i created the gore sanctum sickness through bordem and just a huge passion for making the most gutter shit i could.. kinda wanted to test myself. the main thing at the time was there wasnt the musicians in my local area interested in brutal death metal so it was either get on and learn how to do it all myself or wait.. and i hat waitin :). had a lot of time on my hands at that point so i put in a lot of hours coming up with stuff like drum tracks, guitar riffs, bass, vox, and the logo with help from my bro. but yea when my mate afro finished uni i started gettin a band togather again and i just thought i'd keep Gore Sanctum separate to that seen as how i enjoy the fact i got all control on the direction of it (and how putrid i can make it ;>).

04) I know that everybody is playing what they love but aren't you affraid that Gore Sanctum may drown in the sea of feces while there is so many Devourment wanna bees? What in your opinion as the creator of this sickness is unique?
nahh mate that doesnt bother me, i just look at it as if people like it its all good, even if its lost in the sickness its still a huge passion for me so i dont really think to much on if people are listening to it or if it stands out or how many people like it, its more about if i think it sounds sick, and if it does.. thats fine by me! i know what you mean about bands sounding similar in this sick genre but i think all of them have there own subtle differences and unique-ness if you are really into it thats the thing that keeps you searching for more. Gore Sanctum is filled with pure gutter and relentless aggression, plus its catchy as fuck (in my oppinion) and i like to think it stands out.. in some way :). and its only gonna get sicker, trust.

05) 'Flesh and Organs Consumption' is your debut album and it can be characterised as pattern of Slam Brutal Death Metal. I'm not going to say anything about the silly cover art but what we have here is 9 hymn of fucking brutality. How far in the brutality you can still push it forward?
a shit tonne mate

06) The inspirations for me are obvious here: Cephalotripsy, Devourment, Digested Flesh, Abominable Putridity... Is there anything that I missed? Maybe you can throw at us some unknown bands names that are good to check out?
fuckin love them bands. really its inspired by anything fuckin sick and gutteral that can get your head noddin. bands like Inhuman Dissiliency (1 of my first fav's in this genre), Kraanium, Human Mastication, ummm.. brain fart trying to think of band names. i like a bit of Ingested aswell. Disgorge even Mortician. Vulvectomy are fuckin sick, the sort of catchyness you just cant help but get into. always checkin out new sick bands and sometimes i hear something that makes me shout "FUCKK!!!".. thats when im really inspired mate.

07) Slams, brake-downs or fast-paced brutality? Which of these parts must be in your songs that without it is just not Gore Sanctum? 
 i like to mix things up a bit between the fast and the slow slams and blasts but the main thing is the overall sound and if its not sick and fuckin gutter then its just not Gore Sanctum. id play the flute out my ass if it sounded sick enough.. but it just doesnt. i like chuckin in as many catchy as fuck parts as poss aswell.

08) Have you been considering to work even with a session drummer? I think it would give more brutal sound and the music won't be so claustrophobic, stuffed if you know what I mean. 
yea i know what you mean mate. i've thought about it and different ideas about gettin in session guitarists and bass player and stuff but i've not thought all that much. we'll see, maybe in the futere. but i get my fill with playing in a full band (with drummer) with Engorgement. its kinda nice to have both things going. oh yea if you havent heard Engorgement yet give it a listen.. fuckin gutter!

09) I saw that you are also working on artworks. Here is your chance to make huge advert for yourself haha.
haha yea dont think im gonna start doing that stuff for other bands, it takes up to much time that i dont have. but its fun every now and then and it was just something i wanted to try.

10) Second album "Realms of Devastation" (with your artwork) sounds kind of a more noisy but from other hand it is way much brutal, sometimes I have a feeling to listen to some live preformance. Anyway why have you decided to change the sound I would even say so seriously?
i just keep learning new stuff and putting it in use. like the Realms cd i put in a lot more time mastering the tracks (although i think i put in a tad to much high end lol.. still pretty sick tracks tho), although my mastering has got a fuck load better since then so the next cd will be fuckin savage. i dont really perposely change my sound and stuff just a natural progression in my ability i guess.

11) Btw. all the gore titles are sick dude! Where do you get the ideas for that?
thanks bruvaaa, glad you like them. hmmmm i dunno where i get them from really (im uselss lol). just to much tv :>

12) "RoD" is no so chaotic as the first album I think. There are way much smoother bridges between fast blasts or mid-paced stuff with the slow slam parts. The process of progress can be heard but how far can you progress with such a closed schematic genre?
only time will tell mate but i dont plan on holding back any sickness. yea i listened to the first cd again the other day and its got a nice raw chaotic sound to it. yea i wanted to ad in some more smoother bridges and stuff to the second one but keep it nice and savage. im hoping i can keep gettin sicker and more fuckin putrid and if i cant theres no point.. but i will ;).

13) Btw. as we are speaking of progressive stuff, what do you think of american Guttural Engorgement? Also Mark has released another band The Empty Tomb which lyrics are about jesus and for me I think it is a fucking joke. Your opinion?
liking Gutteral Engorgement's style. infact i like a lot of Marks stuff, he's got a sick mind for brutal music. havent heard to much of The Empty Tomb stuff but i think thats his 1-man stuff (could be wrong) and from what i heard i quite liked it.. not to sure about lyrics about jesus but each to there own. he's all about the sickness from what i can tell so he deff gets respect from me.

14) I think Gore Sanctum is more popular in USA or some more sick parts of the world like Indonesia or Malysia where the scene of Slam and Brutal Death is just amazing! Why mostly people in Europe aren't looking in the underground that much as they do to find great bands that are brutal and fucking real? I always thought that americans are the ones whom you can call lazy haha.
HAHA.. i think Gore Sanctum is always going to be underground (the way i like it) but yea it does seem to be more popular out in malysia, indonisia and america.. dunno why, guess they got a lot of sicko's about ;>. i think its starting to pick up a bit around europ so maybe the next cd will help gettin the name around there a bit. hopefully it will spread like a virus someday (in the underground).

15) Future plans? I saw already the artwork for "Gutting the Newly Decayed" so few words about it.
plans for sicknesssss.. yea mate the next cd is gonna be brutal as fuck, thats a promise. other than that im getting my other band Engorgement giggin and recording a cd with them, going to festy's and stuff. got a lot of partying to do, just love gettin hectic wiv mates inbetween workin and music stuff. o yea and drinking ;P.

16) Who is that cute girl in your friends on Gore Sanctum's profile? Name: Yvette Blastard hehe
a real good freind of mine, she's helped me out loads. and she's Pascal (the singer of Amagortis) girl freind. my switz freinds!

17) That would be it, cheers for your time. Stay sick!
bruvaaaaaaa.. nice 1 mate, take it easy
Interview with Stu by Waldemar, March 2011